Win 100 USDT & 50 XTE Rewards

Welcome to the X2E All XTE Point Launch & Celebration Event, a thrilling journey set in the heart of the Web 3.0 universe. This event is a unique combination of mystery, adventure, and opportunity, marking the launch of our new XTE Points system. We're excited to introduce two engaging and interactive events, each offering a chance to earn points, climb the leaderboard, and win a share of a grand prize pool.

🎉 Join the Celebration

X2E All offers an adventurous journey into innovation and interaction. Collect points, climb the leaderboard, and aim to be among the lucky winners sharing a 500 USDT prize pool. Uncover ancient secrets or decipher codes - each step is a path to victory. Join this grand celebration, compete, and possibly become a top achiever! 🚀🌟

Event 1: The Enchanted Orb Event

🔮 Unveil Your Destiny with the Enchanted Orb Event – Twice Daily! 🔮

How to Play
1. Interact with the Orb:
Engage with the magical orb twice each day for maximum opportunities to win.

2. Collect Points: Every time you rub the orb, you earn points which help you climb higher on the leaderboard.

‍3. Celebrate and Compete: Join this event that combines elements of luck, strategy, and community spirit to celebrate success and compete with others..

Event 2: The Crack the Code Challenge

🌟 Embark on the Crack the Code Adventure – Uncover Hidden Treasures!

How to Play
1. Detective Work: Delve into the YouTube video to uncover the hidden 4-digit code using your investigative skills.
2. Score Points: Each correct guess of the code earns you XTE Points and enhances your position on the leaderboard.
3. Aim for Prizes: Maintain a high leaderboard ranking to increase your chances of winning a share of the prize pool.
*Remember to turn on the video's caption feature to reveal the correct answer!


🦌 Dive into the Festive Spirit – Spot Rudolph and Win Rewards!

How to Play
1. Eagle-Eyed Viewing: Watch our special Christmas-themed YouTube video and keep your eyes peeled for Rudolph appearances.
2. Count and Win: Accurately count the number of times Rudolph appears in the video to earn 50 XTE points and a chance to win big!
3. Prize Hunt: Submit your Rudolph count on our event page. Correct counts enter a raffle to win 100 USDT. The more accurate you are, the higher your chances!
Watch & Count Rudolphs Submit Your Count

🏆 Prize Distribution for Top Point Accumulators

The excitement culminates in a grand prize distribution to the top point accumulators. A total of 500 USDT will be shared among the top 22 winners as follows:
‍1st Place (1 winner): 100 USDT
‍2nd Place (2 winners): 50 USDT each
‍3rd Place (3 winners): 30 USDT each
‍4th Place (5 winners): 20 USDT each
‍5th Place (11 winners): 10 USDT each